Why is Water Better to Drink Than Soda Pop?


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A question often asked by people- and I don’t just mean the backwater yokels made fun of in American redneck satire- is, “if water is a primary ingredient in soda, why can’t I just drink that instead of plain water?” Well, the short to that is, you can! The extended answer to that short answer is, you shouldn’t!

Water (2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen [H2O]) is the fundamental compound on Earth that makes all life possible on this planet. Water, originally, was thought to have arrived on Earth by comets and other frozen bodies slamming in to the Earth in its early years. Volcanic activity interacted with the water and through chemical combinations with “space stuff” the first bacteria were born. These bacteria evolved to what we and all things called ‘life’ are today. It is not accurate to simplify this process by saying we are “monkeys” or we are “bacteria”, but rather we are “space stuff”- the stuff of stars, if you will. If you really think about it, we, in our very earliest form, are the most early example of illegal immigrants! We are the original anchor babies!

I digress. Water. That’s the topic. We were designed from an early age to co-exist with water. Evolution allowed us to leave the oceans and streams and walk the earth. Years of adaptation has warped our bodies to best suite for a non-aquatic environment- but we can NEVER be without water entirely! We need it to survive and cannot go more than a few days without it before we die.

The normal human diet receives an abundance of nutrients from a variety of sources without us even really knowing it, much like vitamins are infused in our foods ubiquitously. When we make mac and cheese we boil the noodles until soft and edible. That means we inject water into the noodle. Half your noodle is water dude. Yes, there is a lot of water in soda. There is also a lot of salt, which kind of defeats the point of drinking the water if the sodium counteracts the water effects and still leaves you thirsty. There is water in the pasta sauce you use on your bloated noodles and there is water in that stalk of celery you slather peanut butter on for a snack. So much water in so many things! A large portion of the water you need to survive you receive through other products you ingest. HOWEVER…

The body, when it starts to notice the amount of water it is receiving is diminishing on a regular basis, starts to react in weird ways. It conserves energy and water consumption for only the most important tasks. That means the body will not expend energy to burn fat and calories it does not need. Water is needed in the blood to help that process- it is vital. It simply will tell your mind that you are tired and have burned enough calories. This keeps you fat and lazy. Drink more water, lose more weight. How many of us have heard that and just could not understand the logic? I know I did.

I am no biologist or doctor. I do not pretend to know HOW the process works, but I DO KNOW that the more water I drink, the less sugar I take in, and the more exercise I do, the results are I lose weight and feel better. I also look better and have more stamina to do more things in my day to day life.

So go ahead, drink the Mt. Dew and diet soda. Shun that glass of cool plain H2O. Years from now when your metabolism has slowed to the pace of a ferns growth and you look like Mr. Potato-head, you will know why.

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