Why The Hyundai Equus Should Definitely Be on the Uber Black List


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First of all, I will state right away that I own a Hyundai Equus. I am NOT an Uber driver. I have never used Uber and I have a very good friend who has dabbled at Uber. Based on this information you should feel comfortable that I can speak on this topic intelligently. I am not an Equus fanboy and I am not here to wax poetic about the many great qualities of the Equus. I am very simply pointing out a massive oversight by both Uber as well as Uber drivers in regards to the Equus.

OK- YES- it’s a Hyundai! You might be saying the only Hyundai worth a shit is possibly the Genesis? You would be wrong. Tier class for Hyundai from top down goes something like this:

Tucson, Santa Fe
Elantra, Veloster

As you can see the Hyundai Equus is the top of the pile there. But, what the f***k is an Equus?

The little known Equus is 4 door sedan that was built to compete with some of the best luxury cars in top production. The Mercedes E class, Acura TL, BMW 7 series, and Audi A7 for starters. It is a $60,000 to $70,000; V8; 429 brake horse power; rear wheel drive; full kit luxury automobile. It has every comfort known in existence built in to it. We’re talking blind spot radar, park assist, power everything, all heated and cooled seats, several cameras, auto dimming mirrors, a rear seat that reclines like a living room Lazy-Boy, refrigerator, and much more! Yes, all of this- in a Hyundai. So why have you never heard about it?

Easy question to answer. Because it’s a Hyundai. Someone who can afford a $60K car is going to want to show the world he can afford a $60K car. The pictured logo above this article (the Equus logo) is not known and therefore the value is not known, therefore the wealth attained is not showcased. What’s the point of having wealth if you can’t shove everyone’s face in it? I traded a BMW 135i with Stage 2 M package installed for my current 2013 Equus. I f***king love it! Know what I love most about it? I just put 4 brand new tires on it and had my alignment done and it cost me a grand total of $900. To a lot of you that may seem a lot but if I told you I replaced my BMW’s tires one time and it cost me $1800 just for the tires, does that put things in perspective? Thus I segue to why this grand automobile should be in the Uber Black List.

Current Uber Black List as of this article is:

Audi: A6, A7
BMW: 5 Series
Cadillac: XTS
Infiniti: Q70
Jaguar: XF
Lexus: GS
Mercedes-Benz: E-Class

Do you see anything made by Hyundai? Me neither. Despite the fact that the Hyundai Equus has more luxury and WAS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO HAVE A CHAUFFEUR DRIVE YOU AROUND IN IT! The rear seats are deliberately made to be massively more comfortable with 100% control over all environmental features on the center console because the owner of the Equus is assumed to be driven around by his/her chauffeur! The idea that this great car is not on the list is insane!

Why are the Uber drivers not buying these cars and pushing Uber to add it to the list? It is an affordable luxury car that gets 22mpg in normal traffic on average that is cheap to maintain, has a 100,000 mile optional warranty, and was made with passengers in mind in all aspects and features. It looks great, drives very well, and, while being a larger car than most sedans, is not nearly as long as a limo. The f***king Cadillac XTS is on the list but not the Equus? Absolutely unacceptable! As a person that is not associated with Uber in the slightest I feel offended that they have such class prejudice. And that is what this is. The guy who won’t buy one because he can’t flaunt his wealth is the same guy who makes the Uber List, and that, my friends, is why this little known gem of a car, who’s role seems purpose built as an Uber ride, will not see its day in the sun.

As an Equus owner I am saddened, but in a small way I am glad. I get to drive around in a rarity. So maybe that makes me more of a snob then the elitist?

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