Jeffrey Murray is an amateur photographer, writer, chef, and automotive locksmith who’s current profession is running a small private corporation called LKC Services, Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. Most notable of the assets owned by LKC Services, Inc. is the web site, one of Googles top 10 listed automotive key and remote replacement companies. Jeff has traveled the world and loves to share travel tips, sites to see, and pitfalls to avoid. Food is a passion of his and he loves to cook it just as much as eat it! He would love to share his experiences with you as well as offer guides and advice for navigating a few of life’s more obscure mysteries that he has discovered answers to. Some of Jeff’s previous jobs have included truck driver, cook, waiter, donut shop manager, mechanic, janitor, store clerk, register attendant, and many more. Jeff was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in July of 1973. He has a wife, 2 adult children, and 1 granddaughter.


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